Remote Access

Secure Remote Access

  • Do you want to reduce your remote access costs associated with your IP Security (IPsec) VPN solution?
  • Do you want to granularly control users’ access to a specific set of applications for purposes such as auditing or tracking?
  • Do you want to increase employees’ productivity by enabling them access from any device such as a home PC, PDA, mobile phone/tablet, or kiosk regardless of location, time, or the device’s security posture?
  • Do you have a way for users to gain remote access in the event of an emergency and you had to close offices due to a snowstorm, hurricane, flu pandemic, or transit strike?
  • Do you need to provide vendors, partners, and/or • customers access to your corporate network?

If any of the above are problems that you need to solve, let PNS show you how. Whether it is 10 users or you require Secure Remote Access for 100’s of users, we can provide a cost effective, near-zero administration solution.

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