Network/Data Security

Network Security and Data Security for companies like yours in greater Southwest Virginia.

Are you always worrying about the safety of your business and potential harm caused by hackers, viruses, and malware? What about the possibility of internal threats and accidents including lost or broken USB drives and laptops?

With ironclad Computer Data Security solutions, your company is ensured security from external and internal threats. Our Network and Data Security, virus removal, malware, and spam protection solutions give you all the protection you need so you can focus on other priorities in Roanoke, Lynchburg, Martinsville, New River Valley or wherever you are in Southwest Virginia.

A custom designed security solution from PNS includes:

  • Hazard Detection - security from predators, hackers, and other online threats
  • Vulnerability Analysis - our consultants uncover vulnerabilities within your network and suggest a strategy to resolve them
  • Virus Prevention - put up an unbeatable defense against spyware, malware, and other viruses
  • Secure Access Options for Users - including virtual private networks, encryption options, and password protection

With the ultimate protection of a comprehensive security solution, you can take your business to the next level.

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The depth of knowledge and experience of the consultants at Professional Network Services ensure a protection plan that covers all bases in the security of your business. PNS bring unparalleled protection for your business with expert Wireless Network Security strategies.

If your business requires intrusion prevention service, internet security, security management services, security risk consulting, network & data security, wireless network security, virus removal, or security consulting, we have the answer.

If your business is using the Internet, you’re already at risk for many of today’s real online threats. Defend yourself with our Computer Data Security and Virus Removal services right now, before it’s too late.