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Professional Network Services provides the best of both worlds for our "All-Inclusive" telephone offering. It allows you as a client to get the telephone solution that you need (not what you can afford) with a minimum initial investment. When you reach the end of the three year agreement you own an asset at the currently supported hardware and software required by the manufacturer. You not only know what your monthly telephone expense is for three years, but all additional labor you need for moves, changes and additions is provided at no additional charge. If you need to expand that system, purchase the additional hardware or software and PNS will install it for free.

Services Provided

  1. Installation, programming, set up and the initial training session for users is all included in the monthly payment.
  2. Four hour response time with critical parts in hand Monday to Friday during normal business hours 8 x 5.
  3. Your new Avaya IP Office system is completely covered by Professional Network Services for three years (Parts & Labor).
  4. All changes to the system are included as long as we can get remote access to the system (VPN). This includes onsite visits, if required, to make certain changes not possible via the VPN.
  5. All required software and hardware upgrades, required by the manufacturer to keep your system current, is included.
  6. If you add any hardware/software to the system (do not increase the capacity) you pay for the hardware/software, the labor to install is included at No Cost, and your monthly payment does not change.
  7. At the end of three years your system will be at a current and supported hardware and software release.
  8. You completely own the system at the end of the three year agreement.

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