Backup & Disaster Recovery

The traditional mode of backup has proven ineffective and obsolete. PNS offers a cost-competitive solution to get you back and running when you systems fail…and sooner or later, they always do.

How do you perform backups now?

Most companies use their least trained employees to back up data as a secondary job function. Even if they back up all the data the cost of mechanisms such as tape and DVDs is significant and the failure rate is up to 25%.

When you factor in the cost of the equipment for backup, media, employee cost required to achieve an inefficient, unreliable system, it is clear that a better alternative exists.

Managed Backup from PNS

PNS Managed Backup provides a constant backup (as often as every 15 minutes) to all Microsoft Windows Servers. In case of a server failure, we can have your company back up and running in a fraction of the time associated with traditional methods. With our standby server, recover from system or data loss in minutes, not hours, not days.

What’s more, this is achieved through a small monthly fee. There is no large upfront investment in new equipment, no continuous expense of media, software updates, and administration.

What if my site is destroyed or unavailable?

In addition to the real-time onsite backups, all information is automatically and securely stored offsite for next day retrieval.

What’s more is that you are making a decision that will create a bulletproof information backup system for your business against disaster, hacking, and vandalism. It’s a system that protects your servers, whether you lose a single file or an entire site.

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