Intrusion Systems

With over two decades of experience in the low-voltage industry, you can be confident your business will be expertly secured when you choose to have an Intrusion System installed by Professional Network Services. PNS custom designs every Intrusion System we sell. We use only the highest quality equipment from industry leading manufactures like Napco and Honeywell.

PNS Intrusion Systems are designed with multiple layers of protection which utilize perimeter door sensors and strategically placed interior motion detectors to “catch” intruders. All alarm signals are reported to our 24 Hr. Monitoring Center via ultra-secure Cellular Communicator which eliminates the possibility of a criminal defeating alarm signals by simply cutting phone lines on the outside the building.

Our unique, multi-layered design approach makes our
Security Systems extremely difficult, if not impossible, to defeat.

All PNS Systems are capable of being accessed and controlled remotely via Smartphone apps. This powerful feature allows our customers to arm or disarm their System or review event history from across town or around the world. As a value added service, Professional Network Services offers remote management of personal user codes for all our clients.

If you are concerned about protecting your staff, facility and assets please contact us today to arrange for a free Security Consultation.