24 Hr. Monitoring Services

Making the decision to invest in a well-designed, high-quality intrusion system is a wise choice but who will respond if an alarm occurs?  Our UL certified, 24 hour monitoring center is always ready to respond to an emergency situation from your business.

Here's how it works:

Your intrusion system transmits alarm signals to our monitoring center via an ultra-secure cellular link.  Alarm signals are automatically processed in order of priority - panic and duress ranking highest.  Our highly-trained operators handle each individual alarm.

When seconds count, you can rest assured that PNS will dispatch first-responders to your facility efficiently to handle any emergency situation.

For burglar alarms, our operators will make two calls, one to the premise and the second to the primary key holder, in an attempt to verify the alarm. Since most alarms are caused accidentally, a customer simply gives their pass-code or password to cancel a dispatch.  If the operator is unable to verify the alarm or is unable to obtain a valid cancel code from someone answering the contact numbers they will dispatch the proper responding authorities to the premise.

Once authorities have been dispatched, our operators will continue calling persons on the contact list to inform them that there has been an incident at the facility.  This entire process happens very quickly and is time date stamped & voice logged for review if necessary.

If you are concerned about protecting your staff, facility and assets please contact us today to arrange for a free Security Consultation.